Your data is gold, don't waste it

Hacienda helps teams make the most out of their data to solve real-life problems.


What we do.

You hate bullsh*t, so do we.

Build data-driven products

We use our industry and entrepreneurial experiences to build relevant solutions to identified pain-points.

Deploy solutions for real

We push our product out to the real world to make them relevant. Industrialization is not an option in our quest for impact.

Explain data

Data should not be mysterious. We'll help you understand why your data is gold and how AI is one of the many keys to value it.

Our method.

How we work to deliver great stuff.

Identify your needs

Everything starts with a real-life pain point that needs improvement using the data you already have.

Agile Product Development

We work using the iterative agile methodology. Taking into account users' feedback from day one guarantees what we're building will have value once the solution is deployed.

Solution deployment

Pushing to production is not enough. We build future-proof systems to make sure you're app stays relevant and can be used for as long as possible.

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